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WOOFY cinnamon Buns

WOOFY cinnamon Buns

What’s a WOOFY cinnamon Bun? It’s a dog friendly version of a cinnamon bun! WOOFY buns are made with coconut flour, natural peanut butter and just a pinch of Ceylon cinnamon so they are pawfect for your pups. Each bun is approximately 2-3” round, dense with little crunch, buns can be easily cut into smaller pieces.

Each order contains 3 WOOFY buns.

For freshness please store in an airtight container, on the counter 6-8 days, refrigerate up to 4 weeks and freeze up to 6 months. Custom orders welcomed & wholesale options available.

Please note all treats are dehydrated to control moisture and extend shelf life. If you would prefer a softer treat, we would be happy to accommodate you!

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