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Power Nibblers

Power Nibblers

Power Nibblers are fueled with Veggie Power, like broccoli sprouts and carrots, then we added bacon to make them irresistible to your pups. Do you know broccoli sprouts is a Cruciferous veggie which means it’s rich in Sulforaphane. There have been multiple studies done with dogs that consume Sulforaphane. Sulforaphane has been proven to aide in the fight against inflammation, diabetes, liver disease, gut pathogens and cancer, in dogs and humans. Al natural ingredients, brown rice flour, broccoli sprouts, carrots, & bacon. Power Nibbles are approximately 3” long, sold in 4 ounce containers that contain approximately 12-14 treats.

All of our tasty healthy treats are meant to be fed as a reward or treat, not meant to take the place of a well balanced diet!

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