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Barkuterie Board Deputy_Dog_Radar’s Favorite

Barkuterie Board Deputy_Dog_Radar’s Favorite

Barkuterie Board is a pup friendly version of a charcuterie board. This is a 10”x7” box board full of assorted natural goodies your pups will love. Perfect for sharing with pup friends too! Board may consist of dehydrated strawberries, bananas, sweet potatoes, yogurt treats, dipped yogurt treats, carob treats, dipped carob treats and assorted treat flavors may contain apple/bacon, peanut butter, peanut butter/bacon, & cheddar! This is a fun way to give your dogs 🐶😋 pallet an array of flavors. Especially pups that tend to get bored of treat flavors easily!

All natural ingredients, no added sugars or preservatives!

Approximate weight 8-10 ounces.

Custom orders always welcomed and wholesale options available!

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