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Banana puffs

Banana puffs

Banana puffs are about 1/2” round in size, so they are perfect for, Training treats, Calorie control treats, and for any dogs that have trouble chewing hard treats. These little puffs are the perfect size for training dogs, but packed with flavor they’ll definitely obey your commands. Also great for calorie control. Sweetened with just natural banana sugar. They are just the right size to give a few throughout the day without packing on the calories, but so tasty, they’ll still feel like they are being spoiled. Also great for teeth issues. Whether your dog is younger or older, or if they just have issues chewing those hard treats. These are perfect. Banana puffs are airy and light, so they will almost melt in their mouth.

Natural ingredients like whole wheat flour, natural peanut butter, bananas, & coconut oil.

For freshness please store in a airtight container, on the counter 8 - 10 days, refrigerate up to 4 weeks, and freeze up to 6 months.

Custom orders always welcomed & wholesale options available.

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